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General Overview


Watson & Noble offers Services of Corporate Finance. These Services include the typical services of Business Valuation and Risk Analysis and also the Service of Contract Design. In all our Services of Corporate Finance, we aim at offering the best tools to help our clients.


For Risk Analysis, we apply Econometrics and Monte Carlo Simulation. These tools allow us to simulate multiple paths of Sales, Costs, and other relevant variables with rigor to better understand the sources and the magnitude of risk.


For Business Valuation, we further apply Real Options Valuation (ROV). ROV is a powerful tool for valuation and decision optimization that contemplates a dynamic perspective over decisions. For that matter, it surpasses its predecessor - the Net Present Value (NPV) - and help us guide our clients towards the best decisions.


For Contract Design, we combine Econometrics, Monte Carlo Simulation, and ROV. Contracts are composed of many rights and obligations. Our Service of Contract Design informs our clients about the impact of their rights and obligations on the financial valuation of their contracts. Most importantly, we optimize the contract structure to enhance the financial value of the contract.

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