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Business Valuation


For our Business Valuation Services, we valuate investment and disinvestment alternatives.


Valuation is crucial for investments and disinvestment decisions. Managers need to be aware of the Returns and Risks of each alternative before taking decisions.


At Watson & Noble, we help by offering accurate numbers. We start with financial data analysis and market research. This step helps us identify the business strengths, pitfalls, opportunities and potential threats. Our second step is to build a model. This model simulates paths of Sales, Costs, and other relevant variables under different scenarios that take into account the probabilities of events. Our final step is to measure value and to identify the optimal decision. For example, we try to answer questions like: Is the NPV high enough to invest now or should I wait? Is the NPV high enough to justify an immediate investment in high capacity, or should I start with low capacity? What is the optimal response to a shift in policy or commodity markets? What is the value of the firm? What is the optimal amount of shares?

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