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Our Method


Our Services of Corporate Finance differ from the typical services in many respects, but particularly on the method applied. The typical services of Corporate Finance are based on simple tools - the Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, and Payback Period. These tools are powerful for valuation and decision making, but their simplicity renders them inadequate in many occasions.


At Watson & Noble we apply the simple tools. But we also go beyond them and apply the most advanced tools. Why? All our analysis is made with scientific rigor. Our method starts by framing intuition and prior knowledge into options and sources of risk. After mapping the sources of risk and the options available now and in the future, we apply our analytical tool. This tool is powerful enough to quantify the value impact of the sources of risk and also the value of flexibility. Then, our clients are more informed and can make the decisions that enhance value.

From intuition to decision: the method of Watson & Noble

Our clients are then able to take the right decisions at the right time

We translate the way of thinking to numbers, addressing problems quantitatively

We develop a language that effectively frames and communicates decision problems qualitatively

Decision makers have fundamental ideas that traditional valuation methods do not capture






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